About Us

We bring you handcrafted meals from the best local chefs.

Appy Bite is an idea that strives to provide busy people with an opportunity to eat healthy and delicious meals with just a touch of a button.

Fresh, Healthy & Local

Our chefs are passionate about what goes into their food. Fresh, local ingredients are table stakes for a quality culinary experience. Chefs choose their ingredients to take advantage of all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Their menus are curated and inspired by decades of culinary experience.

Professional & Personal

Lish Chefs are independent artisans who are passionate about crafting locally-sourced, scratch-made meals using fresh ingredients. Each chef tells their unique story through their food, bringing a variety of cuisines and styles to our rotating menu. All the meals are prepared in a commercially certified kitchen.

Compostable Packaging

All of our food is delivered in environmentally friendly packaging. Our trays are compostable and decompose within 60 days. No forests are destroyed in making the trays. We also minimize use of plastics and limit it to post-recycled material.

Why try Lish ?

We want you to experience what it's like to have your own personal chef.